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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SongBot AI Music?
SongBot is an innovative application that uses artificial intelligence to generate lyrics and vocals. These vocals are then mixed with killer music audio tracks to create unique and original music compositions.
How does the SongBot AI generate lyrics and vocals?
SongBot has the biggest brain in the universe to write your lyrics. SongBot is powered by OpenAI GPT-4. Once you have lyrics, our super AI machines will generate vocals for your new song. You can choose from a selection of different vocalists. Your music track will be completely unique.
Are there music tracks for the AI vocals?
Yes, SongBot has a wide range of genres and styles of music tracks.
Is the app compatible with different devices and platforms?
SongBot is written for iOS devices: iPhone and iPad.
Where can I find SongBot AI Music?
SongBot is available in the Apple App Store here: SONGBOT It's a free download so you can try before you buy.
How do I save and share my created music?
Once you have created your music, you can save the generated Music Video, or just the audio track. You can also share your creations with friends and family through social media.
Is the SongBot AI Music free to use?
The app offers a free trial to create a few tracks. For access to advanced features and unlimited usage, join our Pro plan.
Can I use the generated music for commercial purposes?
Yes. Anything you create using SongBot is owned by you. You own the copyright of your art work. You are free to share, sell, or distribute your art work. Restrictions - What's prohibited is directly selling or distributing the included music tracks on their own.
How do I get support or provide feedback for the app?
If you need support or want to provide feedback, please contact us at support@brainfevermusic. We love user feedback and are committed to improving the app based on your suggestions.

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