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AI Music App, Create Personalized Videos, Amaze your Friends


Create personalized music videos that will amaze your friends!
SongBot.ai is the first text-to-vocals app! SongBot.ai uses the power of AI to generate awesome lyrics and killer vocals!

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Create epic original music tracks with ease!

AI-Powered Lyric Generation

Effortlessly create unique and captivating lyrics with SongBot's advanced AI algorithms. SongBot uses OpenAI GPT-4 which is the best AI available!


SongBot.ai is the first ever Text-to-Vocals music app. Transform your lyrics into killer vocals with our cutting-edge vocal synthesis technology.

Music Tracks Included

Easily blend generated vocals with existing audio tracks for killer tracks.

Customizable Vocal Styles

Choose from a vocalists and vocal styles to perfectly match your musical vision.

Intuitive User Interface

SongBot makes it incredible to jump right in and start creating awesome music tracks!


Your musical creations and lyrics are saved locally on your device. Nothing is saved on our servers. SongBot respects your privacy!

Music Videos

Created with SongBot

SongBot is so easy!

In just a few steps, create an amazing Music Video!

1. Create Lyrics

2. Pick Music Track

3. Pick Vocalist

4. Pick Background Video

5. Create Music Video!

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SongBot AI Music

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